Mobile-Friendly Website Design Melbourne

Mobile-Friendly Website Design Melbourne

In order for a website to be usable in a modern world, the design should be mobile-friendly. The mobile nature of life necessitates that the electronic design sphere create their user interfaces accordingly. Not only should they be user friendly, but graphic design conjures up imaging that is attractive and makes someone want to explore and find out about a product, service or important social issue.

Consumers Have Choices When it Comes to Interface

Whether mobile device, tablet or desktop, good website design Melbourne should be responsive. This design feature is a trend that has continued for a few years now. Responsive design indicates that a website should be able to be viewed from a multitude of screen sizes.

As users change the device they use to access a website, a quality user experience should follow. No matter if someone is tapping Gorilla glass or clicking a mouse, they should be able to view pleasing colours, clear fonts and attain the information they visited the webpage for.

Patience is Not a Virtue

A mobile world is not a patient world. Instant gratification is the expectation and if users do not get it, then they will move on to another website that meets their need. Along these lines is the less aesthetic need of decreasing load time of a webpage.

Website design Melbourne takes into consideration the size and scale of images, the amount of HTTP requests and minimising HTML, CSS and JavaScript needs. Code can be combined into one CSS or JavaScript file and then compressed to decrease website loading time.

Take a Minimalist Approach

Again, less is more. Remember this mantra. More “stuff” clutters the design, slows down the performance of the website and ultimately turns away users. Nothing could be more contrary to the true intent of good website design Melbourne.

Ease of navigation is an additional consideration for usability. Having clickable buttons to deftly move from one page to the next within the website and having logical page sequences improve the chances of page visits by many visitors.

The last attribute of minimalism is the rule of three clicks. It maintains that it should not take longer than three clicks for someone to get the information they are searching for. Instant gratification: it is a real thing.

Personalising the user experience is a current trend in website design Melbourne. This is another way for users to get what they want without having to put up with the extras they do not want.